Q. Are we playing God in attempting to clone humans?

No, but we sure are playing God in trying to decide what God wants, in trying to ban cloning. Last I checked God hasn’t delegated anyone the responsibility to be his mouthpiece!
If God doesn’t wan’t cloning, being omnipotent as he is, he will not make it happen. In trying to support God, we are assuming he needs our help!! what an audacity! So all those proponents banning cloning who think it is like playing God, you are really insulting your God. You are assuming he is an weakling and needs your help. Have you ever considered in your little brains that it may be his wish to reveal the secret to life, him guiding us in little ways in helping us to
understand the mysteries of life.

Repeatedly in history have men tried to throttle the progress of science as it went against his prized superstitions, and everytime they failed. Yes, several people were persecuted in the process, but in the end truth prevailed. So my advice to those in favor of banning cloning - grow up guys!

This is based on the hypothesis that God is omnipotent, all powerful being, which by definition means he can do what he wants to. So if God cannot do as often advertised and needs puny humans to do his work for him then he is not omnipotent.

If that is so why do you care about such a God? He is like us, only stronger, probably just a bully and/or an autocrat!

If he doesn’t need you and you think you are just trying to please him by conjecturing what he wants and doing accordingly, then my advise is:

  1. Stop being a kiss-ass
  2. First wait to hear from him clearly what he wants before you go about rampaging after conjecturing what he wants. Your brain may not be capable to understand what he means.
  3. If he really wants something from you he is at least intelligent enough to let you know exactly what it is
  4. If you are hearing in dreams to go about doing weird things, including fighting to stop the progress of science, killing/burning/maiming people because they do not believe in your religion or god or are not doing as you think he weants etc. then first see a gastro-enterologist & then definitely a psychiatrist.

“Satyameba Jayate Nanritam, Sateyeno Pantha Bitoto Debojano” - a Sanskrit sloka which roughly translated means: Truth is always victorious, it is the way of the God.