The White House Domestic Policy Office’s report on the latest in non-embryonic stem cell research and recent reports that a White House Executive Order is pending, make it obvious that this Administration is working overtime to mislead the American public.

For the second time in as many years, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill to expand federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. The Senate should pass the bill next month. Last year, President Bush used his first veto to kill an earlier version of the same bill. He has vowed to veto this year’s bill as well. (source:Pharmalive)

Before he does, he should talk to Maria and Tim Schmanski of Orem. They are taking their daughter Tori to China for a stem-cell therapy that is not available in the United States. Tori’s brain was injured when she was submerged for 20 minutes, trapped in a car in a canal. Tori is unable to speak or to swallow.

Her parents hope that injections of adult stem cells into Tori’s spine will help her to heal. It’s a long shot, but the Schmanskis need a miracle.

With less than five percent of all federal funding for stem cell research going to embryonic stem cell research, it should come as no surprise that advances in adult stem cell science fill scientific journals. It’s exactly why we urge lawmakers to pass H.R. 3 and S. 5 to allow America’s best scientists to fully explore all avenues of research. Scientists, including those whose work the White House touts, agree that embryonic research shows great promise for better treatments and cures for the 100 million Americans suffering from cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injuries, and other debilitating diseases and disorders.

Today’s White House Domestic Policy Office report is a thinly veiled attempt to derail legislation that has overwhelming bipartisan support in the House and Senate, and among the American people.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans support embryonic stem cell research, and the November elections were a clear sound-off from voters that they are fed up with ideological-driven policy. It’s sad that rather than seek the best scientific information, the White House does not attempt to examine the latest in embryonic stem cell science. It’s time for federal policy to be based upon what the facts ARE, not what the White House wishes they were.

Stem cells can be directed to grow into many different cell types in the human body, including cells that have been destroyed by disease. So, for example, stem cells could be guided to grow into insulin-producing cells that could cure diabetes. Or they could provide nerve cells to help heal spinal cord injuries. Stem cell are the core cells from which we originate.

Stem cells are found in adults, in embryos and in fetuses. But scientists agree that, based on current knowledge, embryonic cells show the most ability to grow replacements for damaged tissues.

Under no stretch of imagination embryos can be equated with human life. Following their argument you could argue that even sperms and eggs are life too as they create embryos as embryos create humans. So what will these religious fundamentalists do next? - ban masturbation and non-procreative sex?

It is a shame that the President of the most powerful nation on earth is turning a blind eye towards science in favor of religious dogmatism. His effort at denying federal funds are directly causing pain, suffering and death of countless millions not only in USA but worldwide.
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