Harvard-UniversityOn 27th August,2008 Dr. George Daley and Kevin Eggan, scientists of the Harvard University made a breakthrough announcement regarding the creation of stem cells from patients with a variety of diseases. They say that this disease-specific stem cells will reshape medicine, as stem cells will make the cells to grow in the petri dish of the lab which will increase the chance of study of all degenerative diseases.

Like if a patient is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, their dopamine-producing cells are gone. The main reason behind the cells is not still known as because we can’t watch the progression of the disease. But imagine if we grow the disease producing cells and the healthy cells in two separate petri dish. Then it we can at progression like, what went wrong with the diseased stem cell, says Doug Melton, co-director of the Harvard stem cell Institute.

This is supposed to be a breakthrough. As this will help the researchers to observe the nature of disease producing cells and effects of medicines on the same cells.

The scientists are now planning to distribute the cells to their colleagues who are situated into the different parts of the world.

Source: https://www.technologyreview.com/