On March 30, Dr. Roger Gammon, a cardiologist with Austin Heart cardiology group treated the first patient in the world( a 58-year-old Central Texas man) enrolled in a groundbreaking Phase II study. It is one of the nation’s first hospitals to test the new therapy.
The stem cell treatment is administered intravenously and typically takes less than an hour to complete.

The Austin Heart Hospital is one of the 40 hospitals in the nation to conduct this groundbreaking adult stem cell trial, and they are excited enough to lead the way in this important research.

The aim of the study is to test the effectiveness and safety of  administering adult stem cells intravenously to repair damaged heart tissue after a heart attack.

patients are injected with donated adult stem cells from the bone marrow of others. The stems cells are purified by Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., which markets them as a product called Prochymal.

Prochymal is being evaluated for its ability to treat heart damage caused by a heart attack. The active ingredient in the new treatment is adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).  MSCs have the ability to develop into other types of cells and generate new tissue, including heart muscle.

Patients who are interested to participate in the study must receive the treatment within seven days of a heart attack.

Source: FoxBusiness