Gabriel Lasala, MD and former staff cardiologist of Byrd Regional Hospital had established a stem cell therapy company, TCA Cellular Therapy in Covington. It is one of the three institutions in the country that are currently treating myocardial infarction and other cardiac problems with the patient’s own stem cells. Also it is the only private company in the United States that is participating in FDA research protocols utilizing adult stem cells. The company is also treating circulatory problems affecting the legs and is currently seeking approval for the treatment of neurologic diseases.

TCA Cellular Therapy have some world known cellular biologists, like Dr. Jose Minguell, onto the team. Minguell has been working extensively with stem cells. The cells are taken from the patient’s hip bone, processed and multiplied in a state-of-the-art facility built under the supervision of Minguell. The cells are then re-injected into the patient.

The center has done some successful operations like that of 64 year old Bill Edgett. It can be added that Edgett was suffering from several heart attacks had already gone through heart surgery as well as other procedures to correct his heart problems and was in no position for another surgery. But Lasala and Minguell hoped that Edgett’s own stem cells are the answer to his heart trouble. After isolating about 1,500 stem cells from bone marrow taken from Edgett’s hip, Minguell grew those cells into nearly 15 million over 19 days. The doctors will place the cells near Edgetts heart through a catheter that will go into his leg and then up into the blockage. The cells will hopefully help new arteries grow near the heart thread up into the area of the blockage. The idea is that the cells will help new arteries that will bypass the blockages in Edgett’s heart.

Readers, if you want to know more about the services of the company, please visit the website or simply call (985) 867-4860.

Source: Leesville Daily Reader