Good news for Australians, from the end of this year they will be able to avail stem cell banking. The first ever dedicated stem cell bank is schedule to open in Melburne in July. The bank will be located at Bernard O’Brien Institute of Microsurgery, near St Vincent’s Hospital in Fitzroy.

The Stem cell bank will provide stem cells for medical and research purposes. It will create, source and store billion of adult stem cells.

The bank will deal only with adult tissue-derived stem cells, which it will also generate a relatively new kind of cell called induced pluripotent stem cell or iPS, which behave like embryonic stem cell and can give rise to almost any fetal or adult cell type.

The bank will strictly avoid dealing with embryonic stem cells, or any research associated with it. It will be headed by Melbourne-born scientist Jeremy Crook, who was recruited from Singapore where he headed the stem cell bank for 18 months.

Source: The Age