In a hope to give their son a gift of vision, Jakob’s parents are heading to china on Saturday for stem cell therapy.

Jakob Bielskis, a 10-month-old blind baby has optic nerve hypoplasia, which means the nerves from his eyes to his brain failed to develop properly in utero. Doctors from Canada, whom Jakob’s mother, Dawn Villeneuve consulted for treatment fail to offer any hope as they say that there is no drugs, treatments or surgeries that are currently offered for this condition in Canada.

That time only she came to know about a company in China that is offering stem cell transplants to foreign patients in May. Moreover she came to know that about 18 children that have undergone the treatment and had recovered vision successfully.

Villeneuve says that, although our family’s doctors don’t support the decision, but still we want to go for the transplant as the doctors have shown us a hope that they will try to stimulate Jakob’s optic nerves by injecting millions of stem cells.

It’s believed Jakob will be the first Canadian child to receive the treatment.