Are you Obese?
Do you want to loose weight?

Then might be this new discovery of your interest. As the researchers from Melbourne have recently discovered a new fat switch “an enzyme” that not only tells the fat cells of the body to grow and multiply, but can also be used to turn our own unwanted fat in our body, into cells of different organs.

This pioneering discovery was done by the researchers at the Bernard O’Brien Institute of Microsurgery in Melbourne while working how stem cells grow themselves into tissues in rats.

Professor Greg Dusting, the director of tissue engineering at Bernard O’Brien in his own words, “While working on how stem cells grow themselves into tissues we discovered some chemical signals, which are the way these cells talk to each other. When working on them we found that it is the oxidase enzyme that controls the whole process, of growing and multiplying of fat cells.”

He moreover says that research into the oxidase enzyme has shown a great potential towards fighting obesity and even disease as these cells in the laboratory has proven to halt the fat cells and turned into heart cells.