The UK biotechnology and contract research Stem cell company “Epistem” announced today that it has been selected by Humanetics Corporation of Minnesota, USA, to provide specialized preclinical efficacy testing services for agents likely to protect the intestinal epithelium from subsequent radiation damage.

Under an appropriation award to Humanetics from the US Department of Defense, over the next 12 months Epistem will screen potential drug candidates that may ultimately be adopted by the Armed Forces as prophylactic agents to be taken where there is risk of radiation exposure or nuclear attack

John L. Zenk, MD, the Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Humanetics said,

“The tests performed by Epistem should identify agents that will reduce the levels of ulceration, diarrhoea, anorexia and ideally also fatalities caused by radiation exposure. Epistem currently provides the industry standard systems for measuring the levels of gastrointestinal damage and are enormously experienced in this area.”

It can be added that Epistem develops innovative therapeutics and biomarkers and provides contract research services to drug development companies. The Group’s expertise is focused on the regulation of adult stem cells located in epithelial tissue, which includes the gastrointestinal tract, skin, hair follicles, breast and prostate. Epistem does not conduct research in the areas of embryonic stem cells or stem cell transplantation.

Source: Pharmalive