Nations first ever human trial on embryonic stem cell research aimed for spinal cord injury patients, which was awaiting for FDA approval, at last get the green signal.

This is the beginning of an potentially new chapter, after a long long wait the door of US is now open to adhere the world’s future medical wonder, the embryonic stem cell research, which has the potentiality to demolish the killer diseases that make mankind suffered for years.

Geron Corp. said Friday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted clearance for it to begin trials for what it said was the world’s first study of a human embryonic stem cell-based therapy for people. Geron said it will begin a Phase I multicenter trial designed to establish the safety of its treatment, currently referred to as “GRNOPC1,” in patients with complete Grade A subacute thoracic spinal cord injuries.

In UK there was a stem cell related approval a few days ago as well. World’s first embryonic stem cell trial for stroke patients has been approved by UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency(MHRA).

Stem cells are the body’s master cells, giving rise to all the tissues, organs and blood. Embryonic stem cells are considered the most powerful kinds of stem cells, as they have the potential to give rise to any type of tissue, and that is why scientists are so much keen to work with embryonic stem cells.

Scientists are very much excited, they believe that stem cell-related research could lead to a whole new field of regenerative medicine, in which patients could get transplants and treatments for Parkinson’s, juvenile diabetes, cancer, spinal cord injuries, AIDS and a range of other diseases.

According to  Richard Fessler, professor of neurological surgery at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, If this trial proved to be safe and effective, then embryonic stem cell therapy would provide a viable treatment option for thousands of patients who are suffering from spinal cord injuries each year.