Rusty Leech, a paraplegic man was back on his feet after the two months of stem cells therapy at the Nu Tech Mediworld medical center in Delhi, India . Rusty and his wife, both 50 came to India with $35,000 and met with Dr. Geeta Shroff, the infertility expert behind the embryonic stem cell, in hope that with the two months of therapy Rusty will be able to feel something under his waist portion. Stem cell therapy associated with physical therapy helped Rusty to not only feel his waist, but he has regained limited muscle use which helped him go to the bathroom and move his legs a little on his own.

When Rusty and Kathy, arrived at the Nu Tech Mediworld medical center in Delhi in early December, they met with Dr. Geeta Shroff, the infertility expert behind the embryonic stem cell therapy offered at the clinic. Shroff asked for a goal-setting session before beginning treatment. Listing expectation is not something Rusty wanted to do.

According to Rusty “If you have expectations and you don’t meet them you will be disappointed, but If you have hope and positive things come from that, then you feel like you’re not disappointed.” To appease Shroff, Rusty said, he wanted to regain some bladder and bowel control and, about four hours after Rusty’s first stem cells injection, he had increased spasticity, when certain muscles contract uncontrollably, in his legs and butterflies around his stomach, he said. It was like unexpected result for Rusty, he never thought of gaining control that quickly.

Rusty received stem cell therapy in several ways: twice-daily injections into his upper arms, three weeks of intravenous stem cell fluids, and five large injections near his spinal cord at the point of his initial injury — the thoracic 10 vertebrae. In addition to stem cell injections, Rusty had to spend six days a week or two months in physical therapy. In the mornings there were stretching and repetitive motions such as walking. In the afternoons, Rusty went back for several additional hours to work on standing and more walking. After the therapy he had full control over his bladder, gained a sensation in the deep muscle of his leg. After receiving positive results Leeches are now planning to return to India in August for a second round of embryonic stem cell therapy, to repair and restore nerve cells damaged in Rusty’s spine in an all-terrain vehicle accident nearly nine years ago.

Source:- ‘Unbelievable’: Paralyzed man back on his feet after embryonic stem cell therapy