Here comes a success story hot and ready to eat. Digest it ! yes it’s really happened, researchers claimed that they have been able to suppress cancer using embryonic stem cell therapy.

This is a real breakthrough in the field of stem cell technology as It has long been a major and challenging task for researchers to develop a method to prevent cancer cells forming when conducting patient transplants of specific tissues and organs produced from ES and iPS cells.

The research team comprising of Mariko Yamaki, Harvard University researcher and others, has discovered the right substance for the safe transplants of new tissues and organs without developing tumerous outgrowths and hence cancers.

We all know that through embryonic stem cell culture tissues can be created inside laboratory which in turn can be embedded in a human body wherever the replacement is required. But it was observed that after transplanting the tissues morphed into cancerous colonies.

The team discovered that collagen found in bones and skin to be the absolute substance to counter the cancerous development. They carried out numerous experiments with prosthetic material made of bovine collagen used in creating three-dimensional cells and organs from embryonic stem cells. The material has a sponge-like structure, covered in countless small holes. The results of the experiment were published Sunday in “Saisei Iryo” (”Regenerative Medicine”), the journal of the Japanese Society of Regenerative Medicine (JSRM).

It was observed that nerve cells made from embryonic stem cells containing prosthetic materials did not develop cancer, but those not containing the material did in 60% cases.

Scientists are excited about this new technology, as they believe that this new breakthrough could be applicable to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, and will open new doors in regenerative medicine.

However, the reason behind this suppressive mechanism of collagen while bounded with ES cells, is still a mystery, which would be surely unfolded in the near future.

But we, common people, are much relaxed as we now don’t have to worry about cancer while getting stem cell transplantations.

Source:The Mainichi Daily News