Scientists at the California-based PrimeGen Biotech took the German research a step further and found stem cells in men’s testicles that have embryonic stem cell-like qualities. They presented their results to fellow researchers at a meeting of stem cell scientists in Spain on Saturday.

Last week the German researchers found new adult stem cells in mice testicles that have similar properties to embryonic stem cells.
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Researchers in California say they have been able to prompt the cells to turn into nerve, heart and bone cells and the discovery could be another alternative to embryonic stem cell research.

Francisco Silva and his team wrote in a paper that, germ cells isolated from adult human testis can be therapeutically reprogrammed to have the ability to differentiate into cells that can be used therapeutically for cell-based regenerative medicine.
Silva said to a Reuters report, they’ve already been able to reproducibly differentiate heart, brain, bone and cartilage cells, and they are excited to begin testing how these cells incorporate into tissues.

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