In an attempt to facilitate stem cell research in West Africa, the member states of Economic Commission of West Africa (ECOWAS) have decided to hold a conference in Abuja this month. The conference will be focused on stem cell research mainly. The conference which will take place at the ECOWAS parliament building on 25th November is being summoned by Stem Cell Transplantation for Africa in collaboration with several Federal Ministries including Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology, Health and Environment and Urban Development.

President of the Stem Cell Transplantation Project for Africa, Dr Perry Iloegbunam, said the world’s leading expert on stem cell technology and President of the Bio-Cellular Research Organization of the United States of America, Professor Eugene Michael Molnar, would be leading a host of other experts to address the conference. He further disclosed that the conference would be followed by a 2-day training workshop for selected medical doctors from the West African sub-region on the application of the therapy dubbed ‘the medicine of the 21st Century.’

Iloegbunam said that his organization had previously taken bold steps to entrench the therapy in Nigeria through the initiation of certain activities that have culminated in the hosting of several international workshops and seminars in the country including the upcoming ECOWAS Health Ministers’ conference. As a mark of recognition for its work, he added, the Federal Government recently inaugurated the National Committee for the Research and Application of Stem Cell Transplantation Technology in Nigeria.

Source: Vanguard