According to preliminary report of investigations Dr. Hwang Woo-suk did not fake the embryonic stem cells but unknowingly used false data in the two papers his team published.Hwang

Prosecutors have tentatively concluded that Kim Sun-jong, a lead partner with Hwang, substituted normal embryonic stem cells for the ones that were supposed to have been patient-specific but died in the research process.

Hwang Woo-suk may not have known about the faked cells, but used the information about them in the scientific papers thinking his research had been successful.

KBS TV reported Monday that Kim told the South Korea officials that he manipulated the stem cells himself.

KBS News reports Dr. Hwang has received job offers from firms in other nations to conduct research. It reported that Hwang apparently believes he needs to conduct research elsewhere and then return to South Korea to be able to restore his reputation.
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I implore the government of India and Indian scientific community to extend the warmest of reception and most generous offer to Dr. Hwang so he can complete his research in India.

Dr. Hwang, I welcome you to India.