Dubai doctor is successful in treating the end-stage cardiac diseases using Autologous Adult Stem Cell Therapy. The doctor, Zannos Grekos, MD presented clinical data this week to the Dubai Congress on Regenerative Biomedical Technologies.

The Treatment Process
Adult stem cells are extracted from a patient via a standard blood draw. This small, naturally occurring stem cell population is sent to a biotechnology laboratory where it is grown into millions of cells which are engineered to migrate to the part of the body needing repair. The patient receives the new cells one week later through an advanced injection and/or infusion delivery system. Unlike surgically implanted devices, medications, or organ replacement surgery, using a patient’s own stem cells to rebuild damaged tissue means there is no possibility of rejection or tumorgenicity (cancer causing).

According to Dr. Grekos,

“This is real science, real medicine and real results. We have moved beyond bench research and clinical trials to show that the power of the body’s adult stem cells can be harnessed. Our success rate in reversing ischemic cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure is extremely high and with our latest technology we’re capturing the same astounding cell regeneration results in other disease classifications. The patient no longer needs a heart transplant, which was previously the only means for arresting this disease. His kidney dialysis time has already been reduced by 10 percent, so we are looking at treating his kidney function in the near future.”

Source: Marketwatch