DNA test results showed samples from Prof. Hwang Woo-suk’s laboratory matched the body cells of the patients, which could mean that Hwang’s team has at least partially succeeded in creating patient-tailored stem-cell lines, according to news reports in cable channel YTN.

Quoting unnamed sources at Seoul National University, which is in charge of conducting investigations in Hwanggate, news cable channel YTN said that the results received from three separate agencies indicated that the five samples preserved frozen since March had identical DNA structures with the body cells. The cells, however, cannot be regarded as complete stem-cell lines because they can die before evolving into further stages.

The five samples were not included in the Science article, as it was made after the submission of the paper in March, according to the panel. Hwang himself insisted in a press conference on Dec. 16 that the five samples will prove the presence of so-called “source technology” of human stem cell cloning, even though he did fake other samples.

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