Emory University researchers have found the dental pulp stem cells from Monkey can be used to stimulate growth and generation of several types of neural cells. Thus the study provides a ray of hope for cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

Yerkes researcher Anthony Chan, DVM, PhD, and his team of researchers placed dental pulp stem cells from the tooth of a rhesus macaque into the hippocampal areas of mice. The dental pulp stem cells stimulated growth of new neural cells, and many of these formed neurons.Because dental pulp stem cells can be isolated from anyone at any age during a visit to the dentist, Chan is interested in the possibility of dental pulp stem cell banking.

Anthony Chan, the lead researcher of the study said,

“By showing dental pulp stem cells are capable of stimulating growth of neurons, our study demonstrates the specific therapeutic potential of dental pulp stem cells and the broader potential for adult stem cells.”

Source: Science Daily