Teenager blind Lawrence E. Brown III plans to undergo stem cell therapy procedure in China to see the world again.

Lawrence born with optic nerve hypoplasia, an underdevelopment of nerves in his eyes that makes his world dark. He never thought of seeing much more than darkness and shadows,  unless his family heard about the success story or the Colorado girl who was also suffering from the same disease, had stem cell therapy in China, and gained enough sight to get a driver’s permit.

Dr. Michael Repka, pediatric ophthalmologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore believes that there is no treatment left for Brown’s condition. The family also knows very well that the procedure might not work, but still they like to take the chance.

Lawrence though excited but aware of the pros and cons, he feels that if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t really matter because he will just go back to previous living conditions, but if it works then it would be great. Let’s cross our fingers and pray for the best.

The stem-cell treatment will cost $32,300, plus  additional expenses for plane tickets, meals, and other expenses. The family have  collected only $2,000 so far and have to raise the rest amount within May.

The Brown family has set up an account to help pay for Lawrence Brown’s stem cell  treatment. Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank to the Lawrence E. Brown donation account, 7579914230.

Source: elpasotimes.com