Biotech firm Chemokine Therapeutics discovered that chemokine analog CTCE-0214 has the ability to enhance survival and expansion of human cord blood stem cells. Studies show CTCE-0214 can multiply the number of stem cells and related progenitor cell subsets from human cord blood through a process called ex-vivo expansion.

The CTCE-0214 treated stem cells demonstrated significantly improved survival as well as markedly enhanced engraftment characteristics in an experimental model of stem cell transplantation.

The capacity of cord blood to treat cancer and a wide range of degenerative diseases is directly related to the quantity and quality of stem cells in cord blood. CTCE-0214 in a dose-dependent manner significantly increased the expansion of all cell subsets studied, including important cell subtypes called CFU-GEMM and SCID-repopulating cells, which have been identified as important stem cells for clinical use.

Improved methods to increase the number of the most primitive stem cells are expected to expand the potential therapeutic uses of cord blood in regenerative medicine.

Source: Datamonitor Newswire