costs-of-cord-blood-bankingThis is a very “catch 22″ situation that every newly gifted parents face. Whom to give the cord blood? The public banks will be a better choice or it is to be donated to the private ones. People are adviced with a plenty of suggestion by dozens of wisemen. But you need to know the right way to choose.

Before going into any advices, we would be summarising the pros and cons of both private and public banking systems of cord blood.

Public Cord Blood Banking offers benefits as:

  • Donation of cord blood is free.
  • You will be given a registration ID whenever you donate the cord blood. This will entitle you for receiving cord blood whenever you need it for treatment purposes.
  • By donating cord blood to public banks you are doing a world of good to the society which demands it badly. You by donating the cord blood not only saving other people’s lives, but the blood is being utilized in cases of researches.

Public Cord Blood Banks have some restrictions as:

  • You will not be guaranteed to be given the cord blood donated by yourself.
  • The banks does not guarantee a match of cord bloods when you need. Although it doesn’t matter in this manner. And you should not have any misconception about the matter.
  • Doctors may take fees for cord blood collection, but in many cases it has been seen that they waive off their fees too.

Private Cord Blood Banks offers benefits as:

  • It will insure that you will be keeping your cord blood in a safe place from where you are guaranteed to receive it whenever you need it.
  • types-of-cord-blood-banksIt obviously does the matching of blood groups when you require it.
  • The donation is also safeguarded by insurance and you can claim money if you find that your donated blood has lost its quality.
  • It is very easily available to the donors.

Private Cord Blood Banks have some restrictions as well:

  • A big amount has to be paid to the organisation, something around $1000 to $2000.
  • It does not contribute to the HUMANITY.

The basic difference between the two is that the Private banks are there for profit making, while Public banks aim at HUMANITY.

There is also another type known as Research Public Cord Blood Bank. This is mainly organised for obtaining cord blood for research purpose and you cannot obtain anything from them.

Therefore it is your choice again to stand and determine for what purpose you will donate your child’s no-cord-blood-bankscord blood. Will it be for a conventional safeguarding your interest, and obtaining the benefit in liew of your donation? Or it will be for the HUMANITY? Will you donate for that person whose child is yearning for a drop of blood suffering from thalassemia, who might not able to see him or her alive due to the lack of stem cells to produce the blood?

What you choose in this selfish world of ours? The decisions will be coming from your side. Will it be a decision with a human face in mind, or a decision made by a skeptical individual? The magic stick is in your hand and you decide which way you will swing it, to bring magic to whose life.