For 6 year old Kasen, it was a trip of life. For his parents, Robbie and Amanda Sipple it was perhaps biggest challenge of their lives. The result? A successful experimental stem cell treatment.

Everything is going to be fine for Kesan who was suffering from blindness, a developmental brain disorder and autism. This Rulo couples once decided to take their son to China for experimental stem cell treatments. Thanks to their effort, their little son can see a ray of hope for a good and happy life. The boy received a series of six stem cell infusions at a Qingdao hospital. The stem cells were harvested from umbilical cord blood.The parents have seen promising signs during the past month. Robbie Sipple said Thursday that while they were still in China, he and his wife, Amanda, saw such encouraging signs as Kasen reacting when doctors shined a flashlight in his eyes.

The boy has been blind since birth. Although doctors had suspected the boy could tell light from shadow, he never reacted to intense light before, his father said. Chinese doctors told the Sipples it could take several months for the stem cells to fully take effect, Robbie Sipple said. At some point, he said, they will have the boy examined by his Nebraska doctors in an effort to quantify any improvements.The biotech company administered two stem cell treatments by IV and four by spinal tap. The young patient had no complications from the treatments, Robbie Sipple said.

At the end Robbie Sipple thanked and said, “It was a very good experience.”

Source: Journal