Two Port Perry, Ont. sisters have returned home after undergoing experimental stem cell transfusions in China for their damaged spines.

Erica, 18, and Shannon Deering, 21, were paralyzed in a car crash in 2004, and damaged their spines. They travelled to China for a month of stem cell transfusions not available in Canada, in hopes experiencing some relief from the pain they feel on a daily basis.

The women say they don’t yet if the therapy worked but they’re hopeful.

At present sisters have noticed improvement in their posture and increased warmth in their legs.

The girls underwent the surgery in southern China at the Shenzhen Nanshan People’s Hospital. The treatment involved the injection of millions of stem cells, intense acupuncture and herbal intravenous sessions.

The treatments cost about $20,000 each. Their father, Tony Deering, says the trip and treatment were costly but he doesn’t regret the expense, he is very hopeful that within the next six months they will going to see some more positive results.

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