Although stem cell therapy has not been legalized in the West, Eastern nations, specifically in Thailand the therapy is used on a large scale. Thailand plays a home to medical tourism. Millions of people across the world visit the country to seek medical care that are lacking in other countries. In a recent update, it was found that Bangkok was offering a facial wrinkle removal treatment for £2,000 to £20,000.

However, the serious complications associated with stem cell therapy were out of focus. While commenting on the context, Dr Tanom Bunaprasert, a medical professor at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University tried to expose the fraud behind such claims. According to him people receiving several doses of animal stem cell therapy are likely to suffer from anaphylactic shock. He also specified that there are no proven medical benefits of the procedure.

Dr tanom explains that a face looks younger due to placebo effect and not stem cells injected into the face. He supports his argument further by pointing out that stem cells from an alien body stimulate antibodies which is most likely to be rejected by the patient.

Several other stem cell therapy are used in Thailand for treating heart failures and peripheral artery disease caused due to diabetes. Some doctors question whether the technique is a significant breakthrough or just a fraud.

Dr Tanom also suggests that creams and lotions containing animal stem cells are of no use as the stem cells die long before it is applied to the skin. Further, being large in size, the stem cells are unable to penetrate the skin. There are food products containing animal stem cells, which claim to be beneficial for health. Dr Tanom defies such claims. According to him, the food containing stem cells are hardly nutritious.