Finally a treatment for leukaemia and than too with the help of stem cell from one’s own brother.

Things started when Christine Betteridge (51), was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukaemia years back. Kevin Morris, (49), her brother donated stem cells after he was found to be a perfect match, enabling his sister to begin the road to recovery.

Kevin had a blood test before finding out he was the one-in-four chance perfect sibling donor. Kevin was injected with a special medicine causing his stem cells to filter out of his bone marrow and into his bloodstream.These stem cells – equivalent to half a cupful – were collected over four hours using a special machine in Southampton General Hospital’s C3 Hamwic Day Center.

They were then given to Christine via a drip a couple of hours later.The stem cells replaced Christine’s old bone marrow that had been damaged by high doses of chemotherapy, enabling her to create healthy red and white blood cells.

Following the transplant Christine spent around six weeks in one of C6’s isolation rooms because her immune system was so low.Now she must return to Southampton General Hospital’s C3 Hamwic Day Centre – used by all cancer patients – for regular check-ups to monitor her condition.

Source: Daily Echo