A group of British researchers have found out the link between the Parkinson’s and Pink1 gene. Certain forms of familial Parkinson’s disease have been previously linked to mutations in the Pink1 gene, but no mechanistic link between the gene and the disease had been established until now.

Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Neuroscience have studied the relationship between the two. The researchers have found that loss of Pink1 function resulted in increased programmed cell death, more free radicals, decreased long-term survival of neurons, and other hallmarks of Parkinson’s disease.

A convenient source of differentiated neurons, ReNcell VM cells have now shown to be a valuable, physiologically relevant tool for studying Parkinson’s disease. The ReNcell VM neural stem cell line was developed by ReNeuron Group plc and is now exclusively marketed by Millipore for the use of neurobiologists and stem cell researchers worldwide.

Source: laboratorytalk