In a first study of its kind, a Brazilian group of researchers have identified the differences among different types of stem cell from different body part.

The study has found that the fat collected from the lower abdomen and inner thigh contains more stem cell than the other part of the body. The fat from all these parts are rich in stem cell.

The researchers have studied nearly 23 female patients who have undergone the liposuction surgery for in at least four different body areas. They have agreed to donate their body fat to examine and analyze the body fat. The body areas that were liposuctioned were: lower abdomen, upper abdomen, inner knee, inner thigh, flank and hips.

The study results found a significant difference in stem cell concentrations in different areas of the body. A major finding was that the concentration of stem cells was greatest in the lower abdomen and inner thighs. Interestingly, stem cell concentration in the lower abdomen was five times greater than in the upper abdomen.

In a statement, J. Peter Rubin, MD, a member of the ASPS Fat Grafting Task Force who is involved in pre-clinical trial work on stem cells taken from fat said:

“The potential for healing and repairing injury or disease through stem cells, including conditions like breast cancer and reconstruction, heart failure, spinal injuries, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease are incredible. We may be able to more permanently and naturally get rid of pesky wrinkles or augment breasts with stem cell enriched fat in the future as well. Knowing more about the biology of stem cells will be of great value when we are ready for clinical trials in this country.”

Source: News Medical Net