Stem cell treatment inspite of all the controversies is in its way to give new hope and life to the persons who are suffering from various incurable disease. This time the person is Alan Stitt, a former Ballymacash Rangers football player who is on his way china to receive stem cell treatment in a hope to play his favorite game once again.

Alan Stitt is suffering from an incurable disease whose main symptoms were cramps in his hands and feet which was making him unable to play his favorite game. After undergoing through a series of test he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

The motor neurone diseases (or motor neuron diseases) (MND) are a group of progressive neurological disorders that destroy motor neurones, the cells that control voluntary muscle activity including speaking, walking, breathing, swallowing and general movement of the body.

He was then suggested to go for stem cell therapy. He was also told that stem cell therapy has given a new life to various peoples right from a paraplegic to Parkinsons. And after having a word with a former recipient of the treatment he and his wife Barbara along with his mother Rita are flying out on Tuesday 9th September, 2008 to china for treatment.