A growing number of Americans, feel they can’t wait for U.S. scientists to prove new adult stem cell therapies safe or effective. With very few treatment options here, majority of patients are going outside of the U.S. for stem cell treatments.

Three months after experimental adult stem cell treatment in China, Tori Schmanski can take a cookie from her father’s hand.
It’s a big step for the 16-year-old, who two years ago suffered a brain injury that left her unable to walk or talk.

The Orem girl’s parents took her to the Beike Biotechnology Company’s stem cell clinic in Hangzhou in January. The family paid $20,000 for five injections of 50 million adult stem cells into Tori’s spinal cord fluid, with aggressive physical therapy and acupuncture.

At least eight other families have contacted the family’s Web site, prayfortori.com, then traveled overseas themselves. One Utah family, whose daughter suffered a brain injury in a car accident, is in China now.

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