The five year old child is left with the only option of death. And now the family is waiting for her death helplessly as they have nothing to do. Reason? The girl was denied flight to China for stem cell treatment. The sick little American girl whose family has raised $70,000 for potentially life-saving treatments in China was crushed last week when both Air Canada and Air China denied her permission to board a connecting flight from Vancouver International Airport to Beijing. Hailey Goranflo of Shepherdsville, was suffering from a rare, genetic brain disorder Batten’s disease.

The family was full of hope and on route to China through Vancouver for the first of Hailey’s treatments last Monday when Air China staff noticed Hailey was congested and ordered the family to take her to the airport’s medical clinic. The family’s own physician had given Hailey a medical waiver to allow her to fly. But they were denied access first by Air China and then by Air Canada. The child’s condition worsened and she was admitted to hospital for several days in Vancouver. The family left B.C. Friday on an air ambulance to return to Kentucky when that aircraft had mechanical problems and landed in Spokane, Wash., for repairs. The family spend the night at a Spokane hospital.

Hailey’s mother, Miranda, said that researchers in the U.S. are close to find a cure, she said, but until then the family needs to buy time. She said,

“The doctors have just told us that they want us to go home and let Hailey die.”

On the other side, Angela Mah, an Air Canada spokesperson, defended the airline’s decision to keep Hailey and her mother off the flight to China. She told the website that the airlines have denied the permission to fly on security reason. Even though Batten disease is not contagious, Mah said the airline will always err on the side of caution, Mah explained.