Stem cell therapy again helped a bricklayer of Gold Coast, Australia to achieve his dream of walking on his feets again. Lets share his story.

Dean Spizzirri arrived at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for his treatment nearly 33 months ago after he met a motorbike accident one October night. Till then doctors had operated him thrice, including one that involved taking bone from his pelvis and grafting it to the fracture site. Normally, they do this surgery when the bone within six month from the time of accident refuse to heal by his own. But unluckily this operation also fails.

In that course of time he heard about Melbourne’s stem cell’s experimental trial. With his low expectations he enrolled his name.

In that experimental treatment he face a miracle. The experimental treatment was about extracting of patients own bone marrow stem cell and injecting them into the fracture site for the stimulation of growth.

Surprisingly he saw that within six month his bone heals. And now he is able to walk on his own.

Not only he other 10 patients also show a positive response during 12 months of clinical trial.