He was suffering from Anaemia right from his infancy. But now at 8, Tom is like any other normal child of his age. Thanks to stem cell treatment. In his case, he received stem cell from umbilical cord of his younger brother, Issac.

This is just an example of what the patients of adult stem cell therapy think about. Tom is one of the patients present at the testimony called by the Lawmakers of Texas this Wednesday. Both the medical practitioners and the patients supported for more adult stem cell treatment.

It can be added that Texas is known for its stem cell research facility. Texas has approved the creation of Texus Cord Blood Bank that accepts donations.

Tom Craddick, the speaker on Wednesday ordered for an interim hearing on adult stem cell research at the Texas House Appropriations Subcommittee. Patients at the hearing spoke of their experience with the stem cell treatment and expressed their satisfaction. It was in the hearing, that the 8 year old Tom spoke his mind.

It can be recalled that adult stem cell is viewed as safer as it is collected from the blood of a living person. It has also proved to be more effective in treatment. Records show that nearly 20,000 patients in America had gone through adult stem cell transplant and adult stem cell treatment is fruitful in almost 70 diseases.

Source: Texas Cable News