November 2008

Stem Cell25 Nov 2008 11:32 pm

UK legging behind in stem cell research for lack of fund

UK is soon losing its position to the USA in stem cell research. One of the reasons is the lack of fund for research. To fight such situation, the UK National Stem Cell Network (UKNSCN) is hosting a conference on Tuesday to discuss how to remove obstacles preventing more therapies going into trial.

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Heart& Stem Cell25 Nov 2008 07:03 am

Russia comes forward in stem cell reserach

As a step to keep pace with the world in stem cell research, Russia announced to invest 120 million Russian rubles. The research will focus on three aspects of stem cell research: developing stem cell technologies and treatment for traumatic skin injures; diabetes stem cell therapy and the utilization of stem cells in treating cardio-vascular diseases, including heart attacks.

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Adult Stem Cell& Embryonic Stem Cell& Stem Cell24 Nov 2008 04:51 am

Can Obama change stem cell reserach future?

After the great fall of George W Bush, critics find it a ray of hope for stem cell research in the USA. President-elect Barack Obama is expected to lift restrictions on federal money for such research.

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Embryonic Stem Cell& Parkinson's Disease23 Nov 2008 11:12 pm

Researchers found ideal time to collect embryonic stem cells to treat Parkinson’s disease

At the 38th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, researchers have identified an ideal time to collect human embryonic stem cells to treat Parkinson’s disease.

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Adult Stem Cell& Tendon Injury& Veterinarian23 Nov 2008 11:05 pm

Bone marrow stem cell useful for tendon injuries in horse

Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and the Japan Racing Association (JRA) study has supports the use of bone marrow stem cell to treat major tendon injuries in horse. Findings from the RVC indicate that stem cell therapy for superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT) injury can significantly reduce the rate of re-injury over a three year period compared to conventionally treated horses.

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Embryonic Stem Cell& New study21 Nov 2008 06:19 am

Is USA legging behind in stem cell revolution?

It seems that George Bush’s policy over embryonic stem cell research is paying its price. In a time when the world is fast moving towards stem cell therapy as its future, USA is legging behind. Critics feel that due to Bush’s decision to impose ban on federal fund for embryonic research, the country is legging behind in keeping the pace with the rest of the world. Wonder? Here are some of the achievements in the stem cell research outside the USA.

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Adult Stem Cell& Stem Cell& skin20 Nov 2008 05:32 am

Amatokin is a revolutionary anti-aging, anti-wrinkle stem cell skin therapy

There is absolutely no need of collecting and injecting of umbilical cord bloods stem cells, embryonic stem cells or other sources of stem cells.

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Stem Cell20 Nov 2008 05:25 am

ECOWAS ministers to organize conference on stem cell research prospect

In an attempt to facilitate stem cell research in West Africa, the member states of Economic Commission of West Africa (ECOWAS) have decided to hold a conference in Abuja this month. The conference will be focused on stem cell research mainly. The conference which will take place at the ECOWAS parliament building on 25th November is being summoned by Stem Cell Transplantation for Africa in collaboration with several Federal Ministries including Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology, Health and Environment and Urban Development.

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Adult Stem Cell& New study20 Nov 2008 04:54 am

First ever tissue-engineered trachea successfully made from patient’s own stem cell

It can be called a breakthrough in stem cell research. The pan-European team of researchers have been successful in transplanting a tissue-engineered windpipe (trachea) made by the patient’s own stem cells. The bioengineered trachea immediately provided the patient with a normally functioning airway, thereby saving her life.

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Stem Cell19 Nov 2008 05:51 am

Maryland research center receiving letters of intent for stem cell research

In response to the Requests for Applications (RFAs) for the third year of funding through the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund, the center has received 187 Letters of Intent.

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