May 2008

30 May 2008 07:54 am

Stem Cell Can Fight Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Lou Gehrig’s disease may soon receive a stem cell treatment. The collaboration between a California based company and a small Belgian Company may provide the stem cell solution to the disease. The technology is likely to employ the motor neuron cell from the embryonic stem cell. The research will be funded by the ALS Association, a California based patients advocacy firm.

The California Stem Cell company has been into stem cell research for many years. The company has created various cells like motor neuron, heart pacemaker and heart muscle cell. Under the new deal, the company will provide motor neuron cell to an UK based research lab Bio Focus DPI. It can be added that the experiment, if successful, can be a major stepping stone in the stem cell research arena mainly because prior to that another company has tried to do the same experiment which had failed.

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30 May 2008 07:30 am

Can Baby Teeth Stem Cell Insure Your Child Against Future Life Threatening Illness?

The researchers at the GMS Dental Centers in Houston find out that the stem cell from a baby’s teeth can be helpful to treat various life threatening diseases in future. The company has already started a bank for the patients to save the teeth of their babies. The doctors also said that the banking will be more helpful to those patients who had not been able to contribute umbilical cord blood of their children.

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30 May 2008 07:22 am

Bone Repair Using Patients Own Adult Stem Cells Closer To Reality

Human-Bone-Marrow-Stem-Cells-Under-Scanning-Electron-MicroscopeAccording to the researchers of the Tissue Regeneration Department of University of Twente’s Institute for Biomechanical Technology (BMTI) and fellow scientists at UMC Utrecht and the Eramus Medical Center in Rotterdam, enzyme PKA when activated in the lab and implanted in the human stem cells, results in the formation of human bone.

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28 May 2008 08:52 am

Australian Quadriplegic Rugby Player Thanks Indian Stem Cell Doctor, Geeta Shroff, For Ability To Breathe Again

PerryCrossStem cell therapy created another headlines by giving new and independent life to a paraplegic man named Perry Cross. He is the most high profile man among all patients that has traveled to India for stem cell therapy. He was paralyzed below neck for 14 years after being injured while playing rugby. He was so dependent that he has to be connected to a ventilator to breathe.

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28 May 2008 08:41 am

Malaysia Supports Stem Cell Research & Cord Blood Banking With RM32 Million

The stem cell research in Asia is likely to move a step forward when the Malaysian Govt. has approved fund to establish two stem cell research facilities. The Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai has approved RM32 million to set up a stem cell research laboratory and to expand the cord blood banking facility. A separate RM5.57 million was approved to set up another bone marrow transplantation service.

However, Liow warned that the research must follow the ethical guidelines. The clinical use of embryonic stem cell will not be permitted. He added that each and every kind of stem cell research therapies must be approved by the Institute’s Research and Ethics Committee.

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28 May 2008 08:36 am

How Stem Cells Do The Magic

Human embryonic stem cells (HESC) are the cells which can transform itself into any other type of cells. This transforming ability has offered hope of producing human organs needed to replace when damaged due to injury or chronic disease.

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28 May 2008 08:25 am

Ruskinn Launches SCI-tive workstation For Easier Atmospheric Control In Stem Cell Stations

Researchers at the Ruskinn Technology announced to launch an innovative stem cell research workstation SCI- tive. The workstation is specifically designed for both embryonic and stem cell research. The internal environment will be enclosed, controlled cultured environment. Controlled environment is necessary to ensure the cell differentiation process. Controlled environment during stem cell investigation is necessary to improve the rate of differentiation and quality of the produced stem cell.

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28 May 2008 08:21 am

UK Stem Cell Scientists Rejoice Victory Over Church

The English stem cell researchers seem to have a time of victory and celebration, when the House of Lords have decided to allow them to create the human animal hybrids to harvest the embryonic stem cell for research work. In a free vote last night, nearly 336 MPs voted in favor of allowing the researchers to use hybrid embryos.

The bill is yet to be passed. The new law will allow the scientists to apply for a license to create hybrid embryos, most likely by inserting human DNA into an denucleated cow’s egg. The technique is likely to provide a ready supply of embryonic stem cells for research. Meanwhile two licenses have been issued by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to groups in Newcastle and London. But the research has not been started yet.

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28 May 2008 08:16 am

8 Yr. Tom Tells Texas Lawmakers How Stem Cell Cured Him

He was suffering from Anaemia right from his infancy. But now at 8, Tom is like any other normal child of his age. Thanks to stem cell treatment. In his case, he received stem cell from umbilical cord of his younger brother, Issac.

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24 May 2008 07:43 am

The Story of Stem Cells With Two Minds

The Boston researchers at the Sui Huang of Harvard Medical School finds that the adult stem cell in Bone Marrow can develop along one of the two paths, either the red or white blood cell lineages. Scientists have wondered why some bone marrow cells follow one path while other, seemingly identical cells go down the other. Also the study shows that these Bone Marrow stem cell have a blurry range of cells.

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