September 2007

29 Sep 2007 03:50 am

Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise In Treating Liver Failure

Recent research has developed a new way of treating liver failure that could save the lives of thousands of patients on transplant waiting lists.
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26 Sep 2007 03:22 am

New Use of Stem Cell to Fight Terror

Steve Stice, who has dedicated his research using embryonic stem cells to improving the lives of people with degenerative diseases and debilitating injuries, newly has discovered the process to produce billions of neural cells from a few stem cells, could now aid in national security.
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22 Sep 2007 06:00 am

Anti-cancer Treatment May Increase Cancer Cell

Dr. Vasyl Vasko of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences said that some anti-cancer treatments may shrink tumors but produce more cancer stem cells, which then metastasize as a way to survive the therapy
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22 Sep 2007 05:42 am

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Shows Promise in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Researchers of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas is using a new procedure, called stereotactic body radiation therapy, or SBRT to treat prostate cancer in five, 30-minute sessions.
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20 Sep 2007 12:58 am

Testicle Stem Cells Form New Tissues As In The Disputed Embryonic Stem Cells

Human testicle stem cell

U.S. researchers led by Shahin Rafii of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute said that testicle stem celsl of human can be used to form new tissues as in the disputed embryonic stem cells.
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20 Sep 2007 12:25 am

University Of Washington Gets $10 Million Grant For Stem Cell Research

Federal Government has awarded the University of Washington $10 million for a five-year program intended to advance basic research on human embryonic stem cells.
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18 Sep 2007 01:38 am

Cancer Expert at John Hopkins Dies of Cancer

Martin Abeloff, an authority on the treatment of breast cancer and chief oncologist at Johns Hopkins and the director of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center the past 15 years died of leukemia in Baltimore at age 65.
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18 Sep 2007 01:02 am

Stem Cell Cures Arthritis & Repairs Tendons & Ligaments in Dogs & Horses


While humans are still waiting for stem cell treatments to become available, animals like horses and dogs already are getting this opportunity. Poway, Calif.-based Vet-Stem, which is a world leader in veterinary regenerative medicine, has been using its licensed stem cell therapy in horses for three years and is now extending its commercial service to include dogs, who are treated with their own stem cells to repair tendons and ligaments. The first and only company in the United States to offer fat-derived stem cell treatments for commercial use, Vet-Stem has trained 65 board-certified small-animal surgeons to treat osteoarthritis.
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16 Sep 2007 01:40 am

Leading Stem Cell Scientist & IVF Pioneer Moves To USA

Professor Alan Trounson
Professor Alan Trounson

Australian Professor Alan Trounson who helped derive some of the earliest human embryonic stem cell colonies in the late-1990s and widely regarded as the country’s top stem cell scientist, has accepted to take the role of president of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine later this year and thus is leaving the country.
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15 Sep 2007 01:39 am

U.S. Scientists Discovered Technique For Embryonic Stem Cell Reprogramming

University of California-San Francisco researchers have said that they have significantly improved the technique for genetically reprogramming mouse cells to their embryonic state.
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