May 2007

Stem Cell31 May 2007 09:37 am

Stem Cells Could Reconstruct Vagina

Doctors in Italy used stem cells to reconstruct vaginas for two patients suffering from rare malformations.

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Cord Blood Banking& Stem Cell31 May 2007 07:31 am

Scientists Successfully Isolate Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Tissue

Significant Scientific Breakthrough in Stem Cell Banking. Scientists from the Research Department of Cryo-Save Group NV together with the University of Cologne (DE) have developed a new scientifically validated method to collect adult mesenchymal stem cells (”MSCs”) from the lining of umbilical cord tissue.

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Stem Cell30 May 2007 08:20 am

Schwarzenegger and McGuinty are Set for a New Stem Cell Research Joint Venture

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty are expected to sign the deal on Wednesday as part of the California governor’s three-day trade mission to Canada.

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Stem Cell29 May 2007 08:48 am

Americans Eager for U.S. Scientists to Prove Stem Cell Therapies Safe

A growing number of Americans, feel they can’t wait for U.S. scientists to prove new adult stem cell therapies safe or effective. With very few treatment options here, majority of patients are going outside of the U.S. for stem cell treatments.

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Diabetes& Stem Cell29 May 2007 08:30 am

Stem Cells Could Help Growing Insulin Preducing Cells

Advocates of embryonic stem cell research and the disease industry in America are convinced that using stem cells that are only derived from destroying human embryos is the way to help those with diabetes. Mean while, scientists continue to make progress with adult stem cells.

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Cerebral Palsy& Stem Cell26 May 2007 09:11 am

Stem Cell Implant Help Recover Child with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy

The following information uses a medical record, before and after photos, and letters from the child’s mother, who agreed that her name and telephone number be made public to that it might benefit others with the same condition.
Name of child: William Fernandez
Mother: Ada Jimenez Tel: (561) 827-0465

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Cord Blood Banking& Stem Cell23 May 2007 06:47 am

Stem Cell Donors in China Increased Remarkably Within a Very Short Period

The number of stem cell donors in China has nearly doubled over the past year after a promotion campaign by the Red Cross Society of China.

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Advocacy& Stem Cell21 May 2007 07:48 am

Stem Cell Therapeutics will be Develop and Commercialize by BioE and Phillips Plastics

BioE®, Inc., and Phillips Plastics Corp.®, announced today they entered into a collaborative agreement to develop and commercialize stem cell therapeutics for orthopedic applications.

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Stem Cell21 May 2007 07:21 am

StemEnhance is the Latest Technological Breakthrough

StemEnhance is considered a Technological Breakthrough in
The name of this product is StemEnhance, and it is a breakthrough, natural botanical extract that supports wellness, by helping your body maintain healthy stem cell physiology.

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Stem Cell17 May 2007 08:43 am

Stem Cell Therapy Raise Hope for Baldness Remedy

Mice with deep skin wounds can grow new hair, scientists said on Wednesday in a finding that offers hope for a baldness remedy for humans.

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