December 2006

20 Dec 2006 08:56 am

World-First Australian Stem Cell Trial to Treat Degenerative Spinal Disease Wins FDA Approval

A world-first Australian medical therapy that uses stem cells to treat degenerative spinal disease has been approved for testing on patients in the US.

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20 Dec 2006 07:56 am

US State Legislature Decided to Invest into Stem Cell Research

New Jersey’s state Legislature agreed to borrow $270 million (€205 million) to build labs and pay for related programs. Lawmakers decided that this is the right time to invest financially in stem cell research.

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18 Dec 2006 08:41 am

EuroStemCell Produced Promising Results to Treat Muscular Dystrophy

EuroStemCell, the European Consortium for Stem Cell Research, most recently have produced promising results for treating the debilitating, often fatal, genetic disorder muscular dystrophy. They published their findings in a recent issue of Nature.

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