November 2006

10 Nov 2006 10:53 am

Stem Cell Transplantation in Eyes Cures Blindness

A team of international researchers has transferred eye tissue from newborn to adult mice. It lets the blind adults detect light.

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10 Nov 2006 09:01 am

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Heads to Close Victory

Missouri voters appear to have approved a constitutional amendment Tuesday that prevents state lawmakers from banning federally authorized embryonic stem cell research and treatments.

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09 Nov 2006 08:16 am

Australia Lifts Ban on Human Embryo Cloning for Stem Cell Research

Australia’s Senate narrowly voted to end the country’s four-year ban on cloning human embryos for stem cell research, ruling Tuesday that the potential for medical breakthroughs outweighed moral doubts.

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09 Nov 2006 07:49 am

Stem Cell Fish Research Shows New Ways to Treat Damage human Hearts

New information about how the hearts of tiny zebrafish regenerate could help in developing new ways to treat heart damage in humans, say Duke University Medical Center scientists.

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09 Nov 2006 06:56 am

Stem Cell Therapy Fixes Diabetic Ulcer and Prevent Amputation

68-year-old diabetic, finally sought treatment for the nasty-looking wound, but every respectable medical practitioner said her leg would have to be amputated. And it would have to happen fast, lest the ulcer spread further and turn gangrenous.

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07 Nov 2006 09:19 am

Umblical Cord Blood Banking is Coming Up Very Fast in India

A two billion dollar market worldwide, cord blood banking is fast coming up in India, with many big players foraying into collection, isolation and storage technologies for cord blood stem cells.

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06 Nov 2006 08:04 am

Scientists Able to Turn Stem Cell Into Lung Cells

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have, for the first time, coaxed umbilical cord blood stem cells to differentiate into a type of lung cell.

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06 Nov 2006 07:32 am

Stem Cell Transplantation Cost in India Could Come Down in Near Future

In less than three years, the package cost of a stem cell transplant procedure in India, that could cure a malignancy or thalassaemia, should come down below Rs 6 lakh, against “an average of $18,000” to simply procure a unit of umbilical cord blood (UCB) in the US.

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03 Nov 2006 09:44 am

UC Davis Medical Center Plans to Open its New Stem Cell Research Center

The UCDMC in Sacramento is in the pre-planning stages for its new $75 million stem cell research facility. The 1,000-square foot renovation of a vacant building on Stockton Boulevard near UCDMC is one of three UC Davis-sponsored facilities investing in stem cell regeneration.

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03 Nov 2006 09:22 am

Scientists Have Grown World’s First Artificial Liver From Stem Cells

Newcastle University researchers (working in collaboration with experts from the US )have grown the world’s first artificial liver from stem cells in a breakthrough that will one day provide entire organs for transplant.

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