November 2006

Cancer& Stem Cell27 Nov 2006 10:05 am

Stem Cell Recipients May Face Risk of Cancer

A new preliminary study has highlighted that patients who receive a hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT), face a considerable risk of developing a second cancer, especially if they are older during the time of the transplant or have received stem cells from a female donor.

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Stem Cell22 Nov 2006 09:34 am

Californias Stem Cell Institute Progressing Strongly Toward Its Goal

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the state agency Proposition 71 created to manage California’s $3 billion stem cell research program, is nearing its second anniversary. CIRM is making strong progress toward its goal of turning stem cells into therapies and cures, despite litigation that challenges voters’ right to pay for research and that currently limits research funding.

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Stem Cell20 Nov 2006 08:54 am

Paraplegic to Sue Couple for Formulating Untested Stem Cell Therapy

Justine Asher, 35, a paraplegic who was told she could undergo a miracle cure called stem cell therapy for R120 000 to be able to walk again, has been given the go-ahead to sue the Cape Town businessman and his American girlfriend who formulated the “unsafe” and “untested” treatment.

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Stem Cell20 Nov 2006 08:32 am

Permission To Create Chimeras For Stem Cell Research

A chimera is an organism which has two or more genetically different groups of cells that originate from different organisms. A hybrid is a being made from the egg of one species and the sperm of another. A mule is a hybrid of a donkey and a horse.

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Advocacy& Stem Cell20 Nov 2006 07:40 am

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Just Few Votes Shorter of Veto Override

Embryonic stem cell research advocates are admitting that they are about 30 votes short in the House of being able to successfully override a likely second veto from President Bush.

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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy& Stem Cell16 Nov 2006 09:04 am

Stem Cell Fights Muscular Dystrophy Symptoms in Dogs

In promising new research, stem cells worked remarkably well at easing symptoms of muscular dystrophy in dogs, an experiment that experts call a significant step toward treating people.

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Spinal Cord Injury& Stem Cell15 Nov 2006 09:26 am

Stem Cell-Based Spinal Cord Injury Trials Were Announced

Stem cell-based spinal cord injury treatment in the Republic has moved a step closer after the country’s first pre-clinical trials were confirmed.

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Cancer& Stem Cell15 Nov 2006 09:07 am

Stanford University Gets $20M for Cancer-Stem Cell research

Stanford University has received a $20 million grant to establish a new research center specializing in cancer-stem cell research.

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Stem Cell14 Nov 2006 09:52 am

SKorean Cloning Scientist Never Cultivated Patient-Specific Stem Cells

Disgraced South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk, who falsified stem cell research data, testified Tuesday that his team had never succeeded in cultivating stem cells matched to patients.

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Heart& Stem Cell14 Nov 2006 09:38 am

Stem Cell Could Prevent Heart Attack by Repairing Damaged Heart Muscles

Emergency heart attack patients will be injected with their own stem cells in a dramatic new treatment. The procedure, being pioneered by British doctors, holds out hope of a ‘cure’ as the stem cells repair damaged heart muscles.

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