October 2006

Heart& Stem Cell30 Oct 2006 09:02 am

Stem Cell Therapy Can Cut Down Progression of Cardiac Disease

Stem cell therapy can help cut down progression of cardiac disease to heart failure or treat existing heart failure, while up to 90 per cent success rate in stem cell surgery for cardiac patients has been recorded in “a very specific patient population”, latest research reveals.

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Stem Cell27 Oct 2006 07:30 am

The Potential of Stem Cells is Enormous

Stem cells are a hot topic, but what are they? Stem cells are considered by many to be the key to curing disease.

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Stem Cell26 Oct 2006 09:10 am

Millipore Entered Into Human Embryonic Stem Cell Business

Millipore Corp. has inked a deal with an Australian company that gets it into the human embryonic stem cell business.

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Stem Cell26 Oct 2006 08:59 am

Toronto Attracted Top-Tier U.S. Stem Cell Researcher

Gordon Keller, one of the world’s leading stem cell scientists, is coming home to Canada. He will lead University Health Network’s new McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine, which opens this afternoon at the MaRS Centre. Keller, named by New York Magazine in January as one of six doctors the city couldn’t afford to lose, will leave his post as professor of gene and cell medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and start full-time in Toronto in January.

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Cord Blood Banking& Diabetes& Stem Cell26 Oct 2006 08:22 am

Launching of Plureon Placental Stem Cells in India

LifeCell, the Chennai based cord blood banking major, is all set to launch Plureon Placental stem cells from placental tissues as a new source for stem cells in India for the first time.

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Stem Cell24 Oct 2006 09:41 am

Possible Solution in Embryonic Stem Cell Research Deadlock

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson and a University of Georgia professor think they’ve found a solution to the national impasse over embryonic stem cell research. It lies with the thousands of malformed but fertilized eggs routinely sent to biomedical trash heaps.

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Alzheimer's Disease& Cerebral Palsy& Parkinson's Disease& Stem Cell24 Oct 2006 09:15 am

Stem Cell Treatment Able to Reduce Parkinson’s Symptoms

Tiantan Puhua Neurosurgical Hospital announced today the first known successful stem cell therapy treatment in China, and one of the first in the world, of an American citizen inflicted with the debilitating Parkinson’s disease.

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Stem Cell24 Oct 2006 08:32 am

Kagen Supports Abortion Rights and Stem Cell Research.

State Rep. John Gard, R-Peshtigo, speaker of the state Assembly, and Democrat Steve Kagen, an Appleton doctor, split sharply over reproductive issues Monday during an 8th Congressional District debate.

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Stem Cell23 Oct 2006 09:05 am

Stem Cell Therapy Helps Avoid Amputation

A 68-year-old woman for whom amputation of the left leg had been suggested by doctors because blood flow was severely affected by diabetes has been successfully treated with stem cell therapy.

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Heart& Stem Cell23 Oct 2006 08:38 am

Bone Marrow Stem Cells Treatment Recovered Acute Heart Attack Patients

Patients who recently have suffered an acute heart attack are being recruited for a new Emory University School of Medicine clinical study using stem cells generated within the bone marrow to grow new blood vessels to improve circulation around the heart and enhance its function.

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