September 2006

Stem Cell27 Sep 2006 09:25 am

Govt. of India Agrees to Provide Rs. 22 Crores for Stem Cell Research Facility in CCMB

The Centre has agreed to provide Rs. 22 crores for the establishment of a first-of-its-kind advanced clinical research facility on stem cell technology and regenerative medicine in the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB).

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Stem Cell27 Sep 2006 09:11 am

Ability of Amatokin and Stem-Cell Science to Deliver Wrinkle-Free Skin Remains Mostly Rumor – But a Very Persistent One

According to researchers who have seen the original in vitro data, the results were stunning. If Amatokin works as advertised it will be the first product to harness the potential of your own stem cells to reduce serious wrinkles. Finally, a real, non-invasive breakthrough in skin care that doesn’t involve needles, injections, peels or a visit to the doctor’s office. Amatokin could really be “a miracle in a bottle.”

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Stem Cell27 Sep 2006 07:53 am

Stem Cell Reprogramming Possibility Is Impressive Says British Scientists

Leading UK stem cell scientists, Azim Surani, and Anne McLaren, have given top marks to the Japanese discovery that adult cells can be reprogrammed to revert to an embryonic stem cell-like state.

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Stem Cell26 Sep 2006 08:04 am

State’s Largest Museums Including the Discovery Center Offering Exhibit on Early Stem Cell Research

The state’s three largest science museums, including the Discovery Center in Springfield, are offering an identical exhibit discussing the science behind early stem cell research to help Missourians make informed decisions when they vote on a proposal to protect such research in the state.

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Stem Cell26 Sep 2006 07:21 am

Stem Cells From Dead or Arrested Human Embryos

Scientists say they have created a stem cell line from a human embryo that had stopped developing naturally, and so was considered dead. Using such embryos might ease ethical concerns about creating such cells, they suggested.

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Stem Cell23 Sep 2006 10:15 am

Stem-Cell Trial for Neurodegenerative Pediatric Disease

A phase I trial to test the safety of stem-cell transplants to treat Batten disease, a rare yet fatal neurodegenerative disorder, is about to get started at Oregon Health and amp; Science University’s (OHSU) Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.

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Stem Cell23 Sep 2006 08:39 am

Stem Cell Therapy is the Most Potential Solutions for Non-Infectious Diseases Like Diabetes

Eliminating the need for costly insulin injections for diabetics, regenerating heart muscle after it fails, and improving resistance to disease by engineering immune cells top a list of 10 areas developing countries should focus their medical research on, say experts from the North and South.

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Advocacy& Stem Cell22 Sep 2006 08:57 am

Politics has Created a Difficult Funding Climate and Uncertain Future for Young Embryonic Stem Cell Researchers in U.S.

In the United States, presidential mandates and legal hurdles are major obstacles to funding and carrying out research involving hESCs. State governments–especially California’s–and a few private foundations are scrambling to fill the gap. Still, a new generation of stem-cell scientists is forced to contend with restrictions that go well beyond what other early-career scientists–and established stem-cell scientists–must face.

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Advocacy& Cancer& Diabetes& Stem Cell22 Sep 2006 08:29 am

Lawmakers Should Back Up Stem Cell Therapy to Fight Deadly Diseases

A long overdue coalition designed to educate Michiganians on the merits of stem cell research kicked off its work this week — a welcome development on a topic that’s too often seen in black and white terms.

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AIDS& Alzheimer's Disease& Cancer& Cord Blood Banking& Diabetes& Heart& Multiple Sclerosis& Muscular Dystrophy& Parkinson's Disease& Spinal Cord Injury& Stem Cell22 Sep 2006 07:05 am

India Launched First Stem Cell Transplant Centre to Cure Killer Diseases

India’s first stem cell transplant center opened Wednesday in Chennai, capital of south Indian state Tamil Nadu, Indo-Asian News Service reported.

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