February 2006

Cancer& Cord Blood Banking& Stem Cell24 Feb 2006 06:39 am

Stem Cell Insurance Becomes Reality

NTUC Income of Singapore has cut an exclusive deal with CordLife, a regional private cord blood bank, to help patients defray costs related to the stem cell transplants, which can treat about 75 diseases, including most forms of leukaemia. It is for the first time stem cell insurance is available anywhere in the world.

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Advocacy& Spinal Cord Injury& Stem Cell24 Feb 2006 06:27 am

“Embryonic Stem Cells Are A Medical Milestone Seen Only Every 100 Years” - Dr. Hans Keirstead

Dr. Hans Keirstead, the doctor who injected human stem cells into paralyzed rats and saw them walk again, believes that embryonic stem cells, cells extracted from a fertilized human egg that can grow into any type of cell in the body, are a medical milestone seen only every 100 years.

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Advocacy& Stem Cell24 Feb 2006 03:54 am

Meet The Active Supporters of Stem Cell Research

Who are the real supporters of Stem Cell Research?

Meet Claire LeVine from Walnut Creek in California. Claire loves to watch her 7 year-old grandson, Bobby Stearns, play his heart out in Little League. What she doesn’t love is watching him endure daily insulin shots or painful finger-stick blood tests every few hours.

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Advocacy& Stem Cell24 Feb 2006 03:43 am

Embryonic Stem Cell Research on Human Embryos Approved In France

France approved guidelines earlier this month allowing scientists to use human embryos leftover from fertility treatments in research.

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Stem Cell12 Feb 2006 05:28 am

Hwang Woo-suk A Korean Stem Cell Scientist Charged for Fraud Report

South Korea’s stem-cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk is being investigated by prosecuotrs for fraud, misuse of state research funds and breach of bioethics law.
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Diabetes& Stem Cell12 Feb 2006 04:47 am

Stem Cell Therapy Gives New Path to Cure Type 2 Diabetes

It has been found that direct implantation of stem cells into the pancreas of type 2 diabetic individuals enhances the production of endogenous insulin. Not only this, it also helps to increase C Peptide levels and decrease the sugar level in blood.

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