December 2005

Stem Cell31 Dec 2005 08:01 am

DNA Report Supports Prof. Hwang’s Claim of Creating Patient-Tailored Stem-Cell Lines

DNA test results showed samples from Prof. Hwang Woo-suk’s laboratory matched the body cells of the patients, which could mean that Hwang’s team has at least partially succeeded in creating patient-tailored stem-cell lines, according to news reports in cable channel YTN.

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Stem Cell31 Dec 2005 07:57 am

DNA Tests Proves Prof. Hwang Woo-suk Successfully Cloned Snuppy

Snuppy The Cloned DogAmid the news of stem cell research fabrication investigation into the works of Prof. Hwang Woo-suk (Hwanggate) which is rocking South Korea and the stem cell research community worldwide, there is finally some good news for the scientist. DNA tests categorically prove that Snuppy is truly cloned from Afgan terrier Tai.

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Advocacy& Stem Cell28 Dec 2005 08:25 am

Dolly Creator Proposes Stem Cell Study with Terminally Ill Patients

Dolly creator, Scientist Ian Wilmut, said stem cell therapy should be used on consenting terminally-ill patients.

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Cord Blood Banking& Stem Cell19 Dec 2005 08:17 am

300 Million+ Cord Blood Stem Cell Bill Passed by Congress

The House of Representatives voted to pass HR 2520 - the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act - written by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ). The non-controversial legislation had earlier passed the House of Representatives in May by a vote of 431-1 and was slightly altered before passage by the Senate Friday night.

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Cancer& Cord Blood Banking& Stem Cell18 Dec 2005 08:10 am

Cord Blood Bank in Sweden

Sweden government is planning to create an umbilical cord blood bank to treat deadly diseases like leukemia more effectively.

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Stem Cell18 Dec 2005 06:01 am

Stem Cell Treatment for Friedreich’s Ataxia

Angie McDonald, 32, of Oxton, Merseyside, presumably the first person in the world to be undergoing stem cell treatment for Friedreich’s Ataxia, is travelling to the Netherlands to undergo the procedure to combat this rare neurological condition.

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Cord Blood Banking& Stem Cell15 Dec 2005 02:06 pm

Cord Blood Banks in India

This is a compilation of cord blood banks across India, grouped by cities. Feel free to send in additions/corrections.

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Stem Cell07 Dec 2005 01:34 am

Breakthrough in Safer Stem Cell Transplantation from Hong Kong

Ion channels discovered in human embryonic stem cells will make the cells safer for clinical use announced University of Hong Kong.

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Cord Blood Banking& Stem Cell03 Dec 2005 08:59 am

Stem Cell Research Funding Doubled in Britain

Britain will double its spending on stem cell research to 100 million pounds in the next two years. Chancellor of the exchequer Gordon Brown said the funds will be invested in pre-commercial aspects of the research.

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Cancer& Stem Cell03 Dec 2005 08:34 am

Stem Cell Provides Hope for Prostrate Cancer Cure

A new way to inhibit prostrate cancel cells have been discovered by Norman Maitland, professor of molecular biology at the Yorkshire Cancer Research Unit (YCR) at the University of York, and his colleague Dr Anne Collins, which could prevent recurrence of the disease.

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