November 2005

Spinal Cord Injury& Stem Cell30 Nov 2005 07:14 am

British Scientists Offers Hope for Paralysed Spinal Cord Injury Treatment with Own Nasal Stem Cells

The first British attempt to treat paralysed spinal cord injury patients with their own nasal stem cells was announced by Prof Geoffrey Raisman, the director of the Spinal Repair Unit at University College London. While this is not the first time that such a transplant has been attempted, the research is remarkable because, unlike earlier efforts, it rests on a 40-year programme of research on animals and has an established scientific pedigree.

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Cord Blood Banking& Stem Cell30 Nov 2005 07:07 am

Cord Blood Banking Catches on in India - 1,000 Indian Mothers-to-be Enroll

Asia Cryo-Cell Private Ltd’s LifeCell, the country’s first private cord blood bank to usher in umbilical cord stem banking, has enrolled 1,000 expectant women for banking cord blood stem cells at its facility in Chennai in its first year of operations.

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Stem Cell30 Nov 2005 07:01 am

Korean Govt. Offers Support for Stem Cell Research by Prof. Hwang Woo-suk

Korean government will designate stem cell research led by the geneticist Prof. Hwang Woo-suk as a core technology eligible for government support in seeking international patents.

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Stem Cell25 Nov 2005 01:18 am

Tiny Flatworms Helps Unravel Stem Cell Mystery

With the help of a tiny flatworm best known for its extraordinary ability to regenerate lost tissue, researchers have identified a gene that controls the ability of stem cells to differentiate into specialized cells. The gene encodes a protein that is most similar to the protein PIWI which is an important regulator of stem cells in organisms ranging from plants to humans. The significance of this study is enormous. It sheds light on the most crucial aspect of stem cells - how they can transform into any cell of the body.

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Advocacy& Stem Cell25 Nov 2005 12:55 am

US Behind South Korea in Stem Cell Research Claims US Scientist

South Korea’s World Stem Cell Hub could become the leading center worldwide for stem cell and therapeutic cloning research because of the effect US policy has had on stem cell research, according to scientists affiliated with US company Advanced Cell Technology.

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Cancer& Cord Blood Banking& Stem Cell23 Nov 2005 01:26 pm

Public Cord Blood Bank in Texas Awarded 1.2 Million State Grant

A $1.2 million matching grant has been awarded to a facility building up the state’s only public umbilical cord blood bank for transplanting to patients with life-threatening diseases and cancers said Governor Rick Perry.

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Cord Blood Banking& Diabetes& Heart& Stem Cell23 Nov 2005 01:21 pm

Stem Cell Research Center to Open at CMC Vellore, India in December

Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam will lay the foundation stone for the stem cell research centre at the Christian Medical College, Vellore, on 1 December, 2005. The purpose of starting a stem cell research centre is to join the global search for solutions in genetics and diseases.

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Stem Cell23 Nov 2005 01:16 pm

Human Trial for Stem Cell Treatment on Liver and Blood Vessel Problems

Stem Cell treatment will soon be tested on eight residents of Tatarstan, a Russian republic on the Volga River for “liver and blood vessel problems”.

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Stem Cell22 Nov 2005 08:30 am

Best of The Fortnight Ending 20th November 2005

We bring to you the best of the articles across Taragana Blog Network for the fortnight ending 20th November 2005. It was tougher than we thought as we had a hard-time creating a small list. Next time we will go for weekly schedule. This is our first attempt to highlight some of the posts which we think would be interesting to you and summarizes the important happenings across our blogs. Hope you like it.

Consanesco - Blogging for Health

Reports complete mapping of over 37K rice genomes.

Did you know that sweets can lower your physical and psychological stress?

Read about Andrew Stimpson’s spontaneous cure from AIDS.

Meditation has been found to increase cortical thickness which translates to more brainpower.
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Stem Cell21 Nov 2005 03:26 am

Stem Cell Reverses Malignant Melanoma in Micro-Environment

Northwestern University researchers have demonstrated how the microenvironments of two human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines induced metastatic melanoma cells to revert to a normal, skin cell-like type with the ability to form colonies similar to hESCs.

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