April 2005

27 Apr 2005 02:04 am

Stanford scientists takes first step towards producing renewable source of insulin producing cells from brain-derived stem cells

Stanford scientists (Yuichi Hori1, Xueying Gu, Xiaodong Xie, Seung K. Kim) were able to transform “brain-derived human neural progenitor cells” (read stem cells from brain) to glucose responsive insulin producing cells after subjecting them to signals that regulate islet development. In simple words there were able to transform stem cells from brain to insulin producing cells which were responsive to glucose levels.

Recently after Edmonton protocol there is a promise of cure for diabetes (type 1) through islet transplantation. The key challenge is lack of supply of sufficient islet cells (pancreatic islet of langerhans).
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14 Apr 2005 01:08 am

Russian clinics and beauty salons peddling stem cell therapy

While the rest of the world is cautiously experimenting with stem cell therapy, Russian clinics and beauty salons have claimed that they are already using both adult and embryonic stem cells to treat everything from wrinkles to Parkinson’s disease to impotence.
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13 Apr 2005 03:33 am

Three Stem Cell Clones developed from existing cells in Australia

News-Medical-Net reports

In an Australian first, UNSW researchers have developed three clones of cells from existing human embryonic stem cells. The breakthrough could lead to new treatments for conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and spinal cord injury.

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13 Apr 2005 03:22 am

San Francisco frontrunner for $3 billion stem cell HQ

San Francisco emerged as the early front-runner to land California’s new $3 billion stem cell headquarters after its incentive-laden bid scored the highest marks among the four cities named to a short list of contenders.

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04 Apr 2005 05:19 pm

WHO projects Diabetes will affect 370m by 2030 (currently 177m) worldwide

A diabetes epidemic is under way. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 30m people worldwide had some form of diabetes in 1985; by 2000, the number had increased to 177m. WHO projections suggest that the number of people suffering from the disease will increase to some 370m by 2030.

Source: Research And Markets
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03 Apr 2005 05:27 am

Way to go Massachusetts! Another state becomes wiser to the needs of stem cell research

A bill that would allow embryonic stem cell research in Massachusetts cleared its second big legislative hurdle on Thursday with enough support to withstand a near-certain veto by the state’s governor.

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01 Apr 2005 02:45 pm

Stem Cells cultivated from Hair Follicles can transform into Neurons

Most of the opposition to stem cells stem from the assumption that human embroys are required for stem cell production. However recent research indicates other viable sources (like placenta) of stem cells. The following appears to me a very promising avenue.
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01 Apr 2005 12:17 pm

Biocavity laser is now used to study stem cell functions

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