February 2005

27 Feb 2005 09:44 pm

Assembly gets pressure over stem cell bill

They walk with canes, their bodies victim to degenerative diseases with no known cure.

For 50-year-old John Kellermann, it’s Parkinson’s, a ruthless disease that seizes his body and sometimes his speech, leaving him so vulnerable that he has to crawl to the bathroom at night.

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26 Feb 2005 04:38 pm

Bartle’s bill in Missouri aims to throttle stem cell research

Sen. Matt Bartle, a Lee’s Summit Republican has sponsored a bill in the Mossouri legislature banning stem cell growth procedure.
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24 Feb 2005 02:04 pm

AIIMS Pioneers Stem Cell Injection for Reviving Heart Muscles

It can now be announced that AIIMS has marked a global first in pioneering stem cell medicine by the “injection method”, placing the institute right at the top of the world’s medicine map.

This is very exciting news for diabetics and heart transplant patients.

As part of a path breaking study. conducted from February 2003 to January 2005, 35 cardiac patients have been given stem cell treatment and have been monitored at 6, 12 and 18 month intervals.

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14 Feb 2005 03:07 pm

Missouri Voters Strongly Support SCNT Stem Cell Research

Way to go Missouri! Your consciousness should be the beacon light for the rest of the country. Lets all join the effort to free the world of diabetes and other genetic diseases.

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