Cellular Dynamics International announces to join hand to the Stem Cell Products Inc. and iPS Cells Inc. This ambitious single entity is backed by the $18 million in private venture capital.

Speaking to the media, the chairman and chief executive, Bob Palay said the primary aim of the company is to supply human heart cells made from stem cells to pharmaceutical companies for drug testing. He has long predicted stem cells would be most useful first in speeding drugs to market and pinpointing potential side effects.

Thomson also expressed his hope that all the tested drugs of their company would shift to human heart cells in the next 20 years and CDI is positioned to be the world leader in supplying them.

In addition, Thomson said the company hopes to soon develop a technique that allows doctors to know whether some existing drugs cause side effects for specific individuals before prescribing them. Right now, those drugs are generally prescribed and doctors monitor for effects, which he said can be risky.

Source: AP