For 12 year old Braden Hart life is not easy and carefree like that of the other of his age. As he was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, he can not see out of his left eye and only has some vision in his right. Braden’s dad Brad, a single parent, is very concerned about the whole situation but is very optimistic.

“It’s harder on a single parent than it is having a mom and dad there. Not only am I his dad, I’m his best friend,” said he.

However he heard about a hospital in China that uses stem cells to help patients with various conditions. Also he has recollected the success stories of others. So Brad started to raise money for his son’s treatment. The first fundraiser was on February 9 at the Eagle Hall in Hermann. The family raised more than $3,000 that night. Now, about six months later, Braden spent a month in China and is now back.

Braden now recalls his treatment as a pleasing experience. It is his chance to have a normal life. His first treatment was on July 1st followed by the second one four days later. Doctors injected stem cells into his spine. Braden wasn’t allowed to move for six hours and had at least two more treatments before leaving China.

The whole whole procedure can be described in the words of the little patients like this:

“It’s a little procedure. First it’s an iv, I think it’s in my hand, right dad? And then my second one is spinal.”