Asia Cryo-Cell Private Ltd’s LifeCell, the country’s first private cord blood bank to usher in umbilical cord stem banking, has enrolled 1,000 expectant women for banking cord blood stem cells at its facility in Chennai in its first year of operations.

”We have achieved a major milestone in just one year and close to 1,000 expectant women from all corners of the country have enrolled with us and more than 3,000 are in touch with us,” Cryo-Cell Asia CEO Abhay Kumar told reporters here today.

The company planned to expand its network of marketing and collection centres to 24 cities in the next two years, he said, adding that it had centres in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Allahabad and New Delhi.

LifeCell offered its services for a fixed price, including an enrolment fee of Rs 5,000, processing fee of Rs 22,000 and annual storage fee of Rs 2,900.

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